Fun House Fun for Halloween

Remember how much fun Halloween was when you were a child? The fun doesn't have to stop just because you grow up! This Halloween, why not re-create your home as a haunted destination for all?

Among the many ways to turn your house in to a spooky space is using music, lighting, fog machines and gravestones in your yard. Inside can be adorned with spider webs, cackling witches, dry ice smoke and live zombies.

A family favorite for all ages has long been the fun house mirror. Carnival mirrors, or funhouse mirrors, are an enjoyable experience for all ages.  The mirrors play with the reflections through angles and perspective to offer different perceptions.

In just a few easy steps, you can turn reflections into tall and skinny or short and wide! By gently curving inexpensive mirrors you can create distortion ╨ concave for skinnier and convex for wider.

Items Required:

  •             Large mirrors in various sizes and shapes with frames
  •             Measuring tape
  •             Pen and paper
  •             Mirrored Mylar sheets
  •             Utility knife
  •             Double-sided tape


  • Remove any frames from the mirrors.
  • Take exact measurements of the mirrors and of the inside of the frames.
  • Measure and cut out two pieces of Mylar that are 2 inches longer than the frames, and another two pieces that are 2 inches wider than the frames.
  • Tape the top and bottom of the longer pieces of Mylar to the top and bottom of their respective frames. Leave the middle free. Tape the left and right sides of the remaining two pieces to the left and right sides of their respective frames.
  • Push one of the lengthwise mirrors and one of the widthwise mirrors in, making the surface concave. Pull the remaining two forward, making them convex. These effects will show all different shapes and sizes in the mirrors.

For more affect, you can use a variety of sized mirrors, use colored flashing lights in the room, and have ambient music. Trying this out? Make sure to share a picture on the Glass Doctor Facebook page!